Fresh data reveal how Trump made inroads with Latinos

What they’re saying: Fears that Biden would shut down the economy to fight COVID likely helped drive support for Trump, Equis found in its focus groups of Latino voters.

In a February 2021 focus group in Wisconsin, a 31-year-old Amazon delivery driver and first-time Trump voter said, “[Voting for Trump] suited me because of my job. This year things have gone much better for me. The way he communicates made me hesitate. But I voted for him more for economic reasons.”

What’s next: Equis plans to test several hypotheses in the coming months.

A key one is the idea that the intensity of Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric was a “forcefield” in 2016 that prevented many Latino voters from supporting him even if other aspects of his persona, such as the “Apprentice”-era perception of him as a successful businessman, appealed.

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