Sarah Palin reveals COVID diagnosis, urges people to wear masks

Palin says she and her son “buckled down in isolated quarantine” and she “still tested negative.” However, “symptoms started overnight with a slight fever and sore muscles.”

She adds that she had some of the “bizarre” symptoms characteristic of the virus, like a loss of taste and smell, leading her to assume it was “unmistakable COVID caught me.”…

In a plea to others to continue wearing masks in public, Palin joked about her surprise appearance on The Masked Singer last year. (Mask-wearing has become a divisive issue among leading conservatives — a skepticism first fueled by former President Donald Trump.)

“Through it all, I view wearing that cumbersome mask indoors in a crowd as not only allowing the newfound luxury of being incognito, but trust it’s better than doing nothing to slow the spread,” Palin says. “And history will show we Masked Singer visitors were masked before being masked was cool.”

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