"He's a blight on the conference"

“Republican leadership will likely watch him completely implode in a matter of days without having to do a thing,” the former aide told BI. But if the leadership intends to remove Gaetz from any committees, there would need to be an actual indictment first.

“Good riddance,” another former Trump White House aide celebrated. “It sounds like he let whatever BS power he thought he had go to his head and he thought himself above the law.”…

“The congressman is one of those that came to Washington to make an impression for fame and fortune rather than accomplishing anything in Washington for his constituents,” a national Republican campaign consultant told BI. “Matt is going to have a popularity problem now, and may just fade into obscurity. No one will want to associate with him until there’s a resolution — which probably won’t be favorable.”

“He’s not in the legislative business. He’s just out there to blow sh*t up and get on TV,” said a Republican House staffer.

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