Dear Mr. Trump, America needs you

We already know that you support vaccination. You said yourself that you and your wife got the shot, and at CPAC recently you said, “Everybody go get your shot.” On Newsmax recently, to your credit, you said, “I got the vaccine. I got the FDA to do it in 9 months instead of 5 years … That’s going to save the world, frankly.”

So how can you tolerate these other conservative media personalities talking nonsense about your big, beautiful vaccines? How dare they? It’s a personal insult to you, a slander of all your hard work and leadership, and will quite literally get thousands of your own loyal supporters killed. (Those are votes any future Republican presidential candidate may well miss.)

I humbly suggest you start making some calls, and booking some appearances on these shows. Sean Hannity is a good friend of yours, and I’m sure he at least would have you on. Tell your loyal MAGA followers every chance you get that all red-blooded patriots should get the Trump Vaccine immediately, just like you did. (Again, it could save their lives.) Tell Hannity, Carlson, and Ingraham to knock it off — and call up Lachlan Murdoch, and tell him you won’t stand for this sort of thing. After all, if these vaccines are so dangerous, why was his father Rupert Murdoch so eager to get his dose?

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