NASA says “God of Chaos” asteroid won’t hit Earth in 2068

In October of last year, it was reported that asteroid Apophis (nicknamed the “God of Chaos”) was picking up speed and may end up crashing into Earth in the year 2068. This was quite concerning as the asteroid measures over 1,100 feet in width (335 meters) and would have caused a catastrophic impact equivalent of 880 million tons of TNT.

But now, according to new orbit analysis and calculations, NASA has stated that the asteroid will not hit Earth in 2068 and it won’t impact our planet for at least a hundred years. It will pass by us at a fairly close range in 2029 and 2036 but with no possibility of an impact. In fact, on April 13, 2029, Apophis will travel by us at a distance of less than 20,000 miles (32,000 kilometers). Those living in the Eastern Hemisphere will be able to observe the asteroid with the naked eye and astronomers will have an excellent opportunity of studying it in greater detail.

Astronomers confirmed these new calculations when Apophis recently flew by us. They used strong radar observations in order to determine its orbit around the sun and that’s how they were able to say with confidence that it won’t pose any type of threat to us for at least a century.

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