Yes, illegals are receiving COVID welfare checks

In addition to the 1.9 million illegal immigrants who have valid work permits and SSNs, many other illegals will get checks as well. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has previously estimated there are another 700,000 illegal immigrants using stolen identities and SSNs. It seems certain that with no system to prevent it in place, these individuals will also be able to get COVID checks.

All together, an estimated 2.65 million illegal aliens have an SSN that allows them to get COVID relief checks. Based on the incomes and numbers of dependents found in this population, close to 80 percent will likely receive checks, at a total cost of $4.4 billion.

It is also possible that many of the 600,000 former guest workers that SSA estimated remained in the country illegally will also be getting COVID checks. Even a significant share of the 1.8 million illegal immigrants that SSA estimates work on SSNs and names that do not match may also get COVID checks. If they do, then the total dollar amount that illegals will get from the relief bill could reach something like $8 billion.

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