"Texans, please send this Nevada man back to his true home state"

New Jersey boy. Pro wrestler. Republican candidate in Nevada. Dan Rodimer has led many lives, but his latest – a cowboy-hat-wearing, Southern-drawling bull rider – might be the most extreme transformation to date.

In his first ad as a candidate for Texas’s 6th Congressional District, “Big Dan” Rodimer speaks in a gravelly, indistinct Southern accent, throws jabs at Democratic policies and compares House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to a bull. The bull he’s supposedly riding in the ad.

But the New Jersey native did not have the twang last year when he ran for Congress in Nevada. In one of those ads, resurfaced by the American Independent, Rodimer’s voice was softer and more clear as he defended himself against assault allegations raised by his opponent. Rather than a rodeo arena, he was surrounded at home by his children and wife – who, at one point in the campaign, was asked to explain the 911 calls she had made against him.

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