Could GOP support for reparations save America?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. What follows is a modest proposal for how to mobilize a functional majority of Americans into a united front to oppose the Democratic plan to void U.S. sovereignty, weaken the U.S. workforce, and dilute the voting power of U.S. citizens. Remember, unlimited immigration at the southern border will result in the suppression of wages across the entire country, and a path to citizenship for more than 10 million illegal immigrants and a huge power shift in politics.

Who will be hurt the most by those predictable effects? The people who live at the lower end of our economy today — African Americans, Hispanics, and working-class citizens of all colors, races and religions. Unfortunately, many of those people are captive members of the Democratic Party’s voting bloc and have tacitly granted approval to the very policies that will decimate their communities. Thanks to the black vote, in particular, Democrats have won the White House and both chambers of Congress, and are seeking ways to solidify that political clout for decades. That strategy includes not just the plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, but also the election scheme codified in HR 1 that will make it much more difficult for Republicans to win the White House.

Why, as an example, would anyone propose banning the use of an ID to verify your right to vote? It makes no sense. The only possible reason would be to protect the ability of people to vote who don’t have a right to do so in the first place. Do you think it’s any coincidence that the Democrats are trying to do so just as millions of illegal immigrants are crossing the border? I don’t.

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