Trump: I'll probably visit the border in the next few weeks

“The rumor is you are going to go to the border yourself,” said Pirro. “When do you plan to do that?”

“Well, a lot of people want me to,” replied Trump. “The Border Patrol and all of the people of ICE. They want me there, they asked me to go. And I sort of feel I owe it to them. They are great people doing an incredible job.”

Trump described the border as “a very, very dangerous situation” and said that he “would love not to be involved,” because “somebody else is supposed to be doing it,” referring to President Joe Biden.

“Mr. President, when do you think you would go?” Pirro asked again.

“I would say over the next couple of weeks,” said Trump. “The Border Patrol wants me to go. Probably over the next couple of weeks.”