Meet the people who got stuck in Mexico after positive COVID tests

The El Dorado, which covers the cost of the extended stay for travelers stranded by COVID, eventually settled on 10 days after his first test if he had no symptoms.

Mudd also called the human resources department for his employer and was happy to find out COVID-related absences were covered.

“That was actually one of my biggest worries, was work,” he said.

Alisha Mudd wanted to stay with her new husband, even if the only way they could see each other on their balconies was with a makeup mirror wedged high into an opening on the concrete wall separating their balconies.

But they didn’t want to risk her testing positive and getting stuck when it was his time to leave, so she flew home as scheduled. (Passengers must show proof of a negative test taken no more than three days before their return flight to the United States, meaning her original test would no longer be valid.)

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