How Johnson & Johnson's vaccine became the hot shot

Still, with growing vaccine supply across the board, people are starting to be more selective about what jab they get. “I’m searching for Johnson & Johnson in Connecticut,” said one post in Facebook’s New York / Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels group from a user who is trying to track down a site with the one-shot vaccine. “Where is the Johnson & Johnson one-and-done vaxx? Any info would be greatly appreciated,” another user wrote in Facebook’s NOLA Vaccine Hunter group. But public experts warn against such vaccine shopping: “I think it is not appropriate — understandable, but not really appropriate — to be shopping around,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser, said in a panel earlier this month. “Which particular candidate you get is really not nearly as relevant as getting it as soon as you can.” In the middle of a pandemic, Fauci says, get whatever protection you’re offered.

A few Catholic leaders across the country have urged parishioners not to take the Johnson & Johnson shot they call “morally compromised,” because the vaccine was produced with cell lines derived from aborted fetuses decades ago. Wagner, who is Catholic, said he doesn’t understand that objection. ‘“We’re in the middle of a global pandemic here,” he said.

In practice, though, Americans who are able to get a COVID-19 vaccine generally have no choice about which one they receive.

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