The media's all-in campaign to destroy the filibuster

Why doesn’t Raju, or Todd, or any other high-profile political reporter badger Manchin or Sinema about turning on the Hyde amendment — which has suddenly been abandoned after 50 years? Senator Manchin, why, after decades, do you believe taxpayers should be forced to fund late-term abortions? Will you change your mind? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Why? Because the entire focus of political media coverage is dictated, framed, and articulated in whatever way Democrats deem important right now for partisan gain. At this point it is beyond bias. It’s corrupt.

Of the ten reporters that Joe Biden called on during his first press conference, three asked about the filibuster — though not a single one had any time for a question about COVID or other pressing issues. After four self-aggrandizing years of pretending to hold the powerful accountable, we are once again reminded that the political press largely exists to obsess over the Democrats’ agenda items.

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