Kristi Noem, the GOP's rising star, fades

“I’m still excited to sign the bill,” she said on Monday. “We saw some things that needed to be corrected that can be done with a style and form revision. The part we needed to fix were a trial lawyer’s dream.”

The bill’s sponsors and the House speaker all said Noem was making a mistake by meddling with the bill and interfering with the legislative process.

State Rep. Fred Deutsch, a chiropractor and one of the more conservative members of the Republican-dominated legislature, said the governor didn’t have her eyes on the ball.

“My take only: She got into this situation because it was a historic year with COVID, marijuana, money and more,” Deutsch told The Daily Beast. He added that her team should have gotten involved early with the bill, but didn’t. “That led to her tweet that she looked forward to signing the bill even though she apparently hadn’t yet read it,” he said.

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