Fox News isn't even trying to hide that it purged these staffers

The January sackings included senior staffers like politics editor Chris Stirewalt, who’d been tasked with defending the network’s accurate election night projection for Joe Biden to win Arizona—a projection which angered then-President Donald Trump and his allies and sent a substantial portion of MAGA viewers running over to rival outlet Newsmax…

Fox News, meanwhile, insisted the firings constituted a realignment of its digital news properties “to meet the demands of this new era.” (Less than a month before the layoffs, Fox’s talent recruitment team boasted in a tweet calling for applicants: “Our @FoxNewsDigital team is growing! And we want you to be a part of it.”)

But within weeks of the “blood bath”—as several insiders characterized the firings—Fox News Media began posting new job listings for many of the digital jobs that were cut in the supposed “restructuring,” including openings for a politics editor, senior and managing editorial positions, senior social media producers, and reporters/producers.

Former employees who were impacted by those layoffs told The Daily Beast that such job openings serve as confirmation that their firings were just a way for Fox management to “purge” news staffers who stood in the way of its vision for the digital properties.