Dems to Biden: Why aren't you letting in more refugees?

The Biden administration announced back in February it would raise the ceiling on the number of refugees coming into the United States from 15,000, a low during the Trump administration, to 62,500. They also announced they would change who would be eligible to come. But, the formal paperwork, which must be signed by the President, has gone unsigned.

“I wish (Biden) would do it. Obviously, we need to establish as much normality as we can at the border and — to have a normal process is the better way to go,” Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, told CNN. “I know we’ve communicated with the White House as recently as yesterday, so I know they know our concern.”…

In a new letter to Biden on Wednesday signed by more than 200 groups that work with refugees in the US, advocates argue that the President has hampered the work they do by not signing the paperwork needed to allow refugees who were already prepared to come to the United States.

“We urge you to immediately sign a new, revised FY21 refugee admissions goal of 62,500 and restore regional allocations based on vulnerability and need. Each day that passes without this signed executive action is another day that hundreds of particularly vulnerable refugees are forced to wait to be resettled,” the groups, which include Refugee Council USA, Amnesty International, Catholic Charities among others, wrote to Biden.

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