COVID-shocked New Yorkers hesitant to return to reopened city

In one theater — no elevator, escalator or concessionaire — we were the only two bodies. Nobody. Not one soul came late. No leftovers from a previous showing. Not one other human. Not one single person. A lone usher said we must wear masks during the film. The good news? The place was antiseptically clean.

One gym rat who belongs to an expensive gymnasium and works out steadfastly maniacally daily — probably even flexes his middle finger — said he was the only one there. The lone human working out on the StairMaster, bicycles, treadmill, whatever.

Early 7  p.m.ish, one lady walking upper Madison Avenue found she’s alone. Totally alone. By herself. Solitary. No other soul on the entire block. Terrified, she found a cab. With NYC’s opening green light — why’s everyone not everywhere? Answer: They’re scared. Not budging.

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