Biden flips the script on Republicans

For those of you unfamiliar with the comic strip, every time Charlie Brown trusted Lucy to hold the football for him so he could kick it, she yanked it away. He was left to look like a fool while falling flat on his back.

With that in mind, Biden has figured out that it is a waste of time to act as if Republicans in Congress are serious about holding the ball. In other words, they aren’t sincere about working with him on the COVID relief deal or anything else.

His experience tells him to assume the Republicans’ only goal is to make him look like a fool before voters go to the polls in the midterms.

That’s what happened with Clinton’s effort to work with Republicans on a plan to cut the deficit and grow the economy. For all his effort to work with the GOP, he got zero Republican votes in the House and Senate on his 1993 budget reconciliation plan.

Biden saw the sequel to this horror movie as vice president.

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