If Biden's senile, why is he running rings around the right?

It is true that Biden hasn’t had much contact with the press. I doubt however that it’s all that much less than most presidents. It’s a dramatic contrast to Trump, of course, because Trump was before the public constantly. But Trump wasn’t before the public constantly because he felt a democratic responsibility to inform the people; he was before the public constantly because he needed to be the center of attention at all times. And he sure carried out his own assaults on the English language on a regular basis (remember oranges/origins?). If Trump had been a liberal Democrat, Fox would have been demanding for years that he be institutionalized.

But Biden floats above their sewage. Now, there’s a downside to this from a liberal point of view, which is that the fact that Biden is so completely un-other-able carries the implication that maybe Democrats need to keep nominating straight white men who look like somebody’s uncle, and if they depart from that, they do so at their peril. There may be something to that. But look, Obama got himself elected and re-elected. The country is changing. If Biden somehow manages to serve two terms, the electorate in 2028 will be younger, Blacker, browner, and presumably somewhat more secular than today’s. The right will follow the usual playbook, but that doesn’t mean it will work.

Sorry, right wing. Americans kind of like Joe Biden. A lot more than they liked Donald Trump.

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