Teen Vogue staffer who supported editor's ouster used "N-word" in decade-old tweets

A senior Teen Vogue staffer who posted a letter expressing concern about Alexi McCammond for past tweets racist against Asian Americans used the N-word in tweets from over 10 years ago herself.

Christine Davitt, senior social media manager at Teen Vogue in 2009 wrote two tweets to a friend identifying him as a “ni–a,” and in 2010 used the word “ni–a” in a joke tweet. The friend appears to be White.

Davitt says in multiple tweets that she is of mixed Irish and Filipino descent.

McCammond, 27 and a rising reporter at Axios, had been set to take the top job at Teen Vogue before her past tweets set off a firestorm among Teen Vogue staff. After the Atlanta shooting that left eight dead Tuesday, six of them Asian American, McCammond and Teen Vogue parted ways.

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