Dems knock White House for "out of touch" stance on weed

“I want to find out how and why this happened, and obviously I’m going to urge them to change course,” Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) told The Daily Beast on Friday.

Huffman said most of America had “evolved beyond Jeff Sessions’ reefer madness hysteria,” and he noted that medical or recreational cannabis was now legal in most states and in DC. “This administration promised a more enlightened approach, but somewhere along the line they reverted to the dogma,” he said…

Late Thursday night, Bradley Moss, a national security lawyer (who in the past has separately handled FOIA litigation for certain news outlets, including The Daily Beast), said in a brief interview that he’d been contacted by multiple people on the Biden staff to discuss this issue.

“I can say more than one individual has now been burned by the bureaucratic realities of entering government service in the Biden administration,” Moss said. However, he added, “At this time, we are not involved in any type of [legal] proceeding tied to this specific issue for a Biden staffer.”

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