The character assassination of Elaine Chao

This week, I’ve spent hours of my life that I can never get back reading a lengthy report, along with related correspondence and press coverage, attendant to an energetic probe of Chao conducted at the insistence of Democrats by the Transportation Department’s inspector general. It had to have cost a king’s ransom. I don’t recommend it, particularly if you’ve spent anytime scrutinizing the appalling conduct and specter of compromise arising out of Hunter Biden’s lavish misadventures that Democrats and their media plus-ones are determined to ignore. It gets as tiresome to talk about our hypocritical, two-tiered accountability system as it must get to hear about it. Still, it is infuriating to compare concrete cases.

The bottom line on Chao is: They have nothing. Congressional Democrats, egged on by the mainstream press, endeavored to manufacture a scandal on the theory that Chao was running the Transportation Department as a favor bank, steering an inordinate amount of the goodies to Kentucky projects in order to promote Senator McConnell’s standing and election prospects.