Poll: More New Yorkers want Cuomo gone, but not immediately

A total of 43 percent of respondents said that Cuomo “should resign,” while 49 percent said he shouldn’t. Support remained fairly high among Democrats: 23 percent said he should resign while 67 percent said he should not.

And 36 percent of respondents said he should be impeached, while 54 percent were not supportive of that idea.

Many of those who believe Cuomo should leave office, however, seem to agree with his argument that it’s not yet time to have those discussions. Respondents were asked if they agreed more with “elected officials calling on Governor Cuomo to resign immediately” or with the officials who say “they will wait until the State Attorney General’s independent investigation is completed before they decide.” Twenty-two percent of respondents sided with those calling for his immediate departure, while 74 percent agreed with those who say a decision should wait for the AG’s report. Among Democrats, the breakdown was 10-88.

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