Kevin McCarthy, fetch

All that matters now, right now, is that many corporations are thinking about withholding donations from wannabe GOP vote cancelers. Which is bad, bad, bad, for House Republican prospects in 2022. So, for McCarthy, poof, he was never part of any efforts to cancel votes.

Don’t try to make logical sense of McCarthy’s answers. It’s all barking and keening for the benefit of journalists’ tape recorders. Credibility and consistency don’t matter to the House Republican leader; the best thing you can say about him is that he lives in the moment. Who really knows what will come tomorrow—or even an hour from now?

Maybe he’ll be sorting through bags of Starbursts to pick out only the colors that Trump likes—pink and red—to place in a special jar and ferry to Trump. Gone is any memory of the expletive-filled shouting match he had with Trump the day of the insurrection. Ol buddy, ol’ pal Kevin didn’t really mean it when he said Trump bore responsibility for the attacks that day. Because he quickly decided “we all” do, and flew down to Florida to make nice with Trump. He had to say sorry to his hooman. Why? Because McCarthy needs Trump’s help in 2022.

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