American travelers are all vaxed up with nowhere new to go

But that doesn’t mean Americans are yet welcome everywhere. “NO! Just don’t come here!!!” one New Zealander wrote on a travel board after a vaccinated American posed the question about where she could go for a long-awaited holiday. The American, seemingly perplexed, then wrote that she was vaccinated and, as such, safe to travel. “I don’t care,” the Kiwi replied. “Just stay where you are.” As it turns out, the American couldn’t go to New Zealand even if she wanted to because the New Zealand border is closed to all international travelers, vaccinated or not, and might only start letting Australians enter the country in mid-April.

Americans used to be able to go to the U.K. fairly easily, as long as they quarantined, but the new variants have made it difficult to return to the U.S. Americans may remain barred from Europe this summer even if they are vaccinated. Just a few countries outside the Shengen zone, including Albania and Kosovo, are happy to take the U.S. tourist dollar. Croatia, which paid a heavy price by allowing Americans in last summer, has since closed its border to US travelers after a deadly surge in cases.

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