A talking filibuster won't help Democrats as much as some might think

In theory, this burden would limit the number of bills that would be filibustered. That in itself would increase the Democrats’ ability to get some things done. But there are clearly matters Republicans would deem so important that they would mount a talking filibuster anyway. In those matters, which would also likely be matters Democrats deem crucial, the talking filibuster would damage Democrats as well.

That’s because the Senate cannot take up any other business while debate is taking place on the floor. If the GOP starts a talking filibuster, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) could not bring up any of Biden’s nominees for Senate confirmation. He could not move to confirm any judges whose nominations are pending. He could not advance other bills that have broader support within the Senate, nor could he initiate approval of any emergency legislation should the need for any arise. Once the filibuster starts, it stops the Senate dead in its tracks until the minority talks itself out.

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