Forget black vaccine hesitancy. Worry about white resistance.

Instead, the unwillingness to get the preventative remedy rests primarily in “mistrust of the government” and the belief that “it’s still too untested/I’m waiting to see what happens”—doubts cultivated by Trump while in office and which continue to be stirred by Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, who peddle groundless anti-vax theories for ad dollars and lib ownership.

How to combat white Republicans’ vaccine resistance, since nearly none of it cannot be logically refuted with statistics or facts? Perhaps an outreach and public education campaign can be launched to meet white Republicans where they are—namely, in the misinformation echo chambers where they hang out, such as Fox News, OAN, and NewsMax, which airs public service ads trumpeting the vaccine’s viability during shows that will then directly counter that messaging with anti-vaccine misinformation as soon as they return from commercial break.

Health-care providers serving white conservatives populations might refer to the shot—only when speaking to those patients—as “the Freedom Vaccine,” “the Storm in a Syringe,” or some equally meaningless nickname that nonetheless targets the sort people who believe the election was stolen, Trump and Biden switched bodies, and baby-eating Satanists run Netflix — but who still remain unsatisfied by the peer-reviewed scientific data available.

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