Dems are treating Cuomo the way Republicans should have treated Trump

And look: This isn’t just about right and wrong, even if it is primarily that. It’s about removing an irritant from the party, about clearing away dead undergrowth. Cuomo is hobbled but he’s not finished, and if you want to ensure that he doesn’t hang around—dragging down allies; bullying people who didn’t support him fiercely enough—you need to cut him loose. Cuomo’s grotesque press conference yesterday indicated he is trying to play power politics by brazening it out … but he’s not the only one who has a powerful hand to play…

Dunking on Cuomo’s demise requires admitting that the other party has standards and lays bare, once again, the cravenness of the excuse-making for Trump that kept the lights on the past five years.

So if the Democrats require any additional reasons to put the nail in Cuomo’s coffin, they should consider also how they’ll get to own the cons to go along with the principled and prudential concerns of having an incompetent sexual harrasser in Albany.