Poll: Vaccinated Americans making less effort to social distance

Whereas 38% of adults who have been fully vaccinated say they are completely or mostly isolating themselves from people outside their household, majorities of those who have been partially vaccinated (51%) or not yet vaccinated but plan to be (57%) say the same. Americans who indicate they will not get vaccinated are least likely to be completely or mostly isolating themselves, at 28%…

In addition to making less of an effort to isolate themselves from others, vaccine recipients are less likely to report avoiding public places and small gatherings of people. However, those fully vaccinated are no less likely than their peers to avoid travel and large crowds. Importantly, vaccine recipients are just as likely as non-recipients to say they are wearing facemasks in public, consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

Americans who are not planning to get vaccinated are far less likely than all others, including those who are fully vaccinated, to report practicing these COVID-19 mitigation practices.