"Republicans got the message that they were in a political death spiral"

“It’s pathetically obvious to anyone paying attention that when Trump lost the election and Georgia flipped control of the U.S. Senate to Democrats shortly after, Republicans got the message that they were in a political death spiral,” state Rep. Renitta Shannon, a Democrat from Decatur, said during a floor debate over the Republican proposals in Georgia last week. “And now they are doing anything they can do to silence the voices of Black and brown voters specifically because they largely powered these wins.”…

“A lot has been written about the fact that the U.S. is going to be majority people of color — 2040, 2050 — well, that’s 2024 for us here in Georgia,” said Nsé Ufot, a voting rights advocate who leads the New Georgia Project, a group that aims to engage and register new voters.

Ufot argued that the proposals amount to blatant voter suppression in a state that had already erected major barriers to the ballot box.

“So we’re talking about three years from now, four years from now, Georgia will be a plurality, white people will be the minority in Georgia,” she said. “And there are some people that are deathly afraid about that. And they’re doing everything they can to break the machinery or break the machinery of our democracy to hold on to power for as long as they can.”