Poll: Most New Yorkers don’t want Cuomo to resign

The Quinnipiac Poll, which showed Cuomo’s numbers on the lower side and found that most residents are opposed to him seeking a fourth term, was far from disastrous for an increasingly embattled governor.

Forty percent of voters said he should resign, while 55 percent said he should not. Most Democrats are sticking with him: Only 21 percent are saying he should leave office.

The governor said on Wednesday that he will not quit.

Forty-five percent of respondents approve of the way he is handling his job, while 46 percent disapprove. That’s down quite a bit from the 72-24 Cuomo received in a Quinnipiac poll last May, when he was at the height of his popularity. But it’s not much different from the most recent Quinnipiac poll conducted before the pandemic, when 42 percent of respondents said they viewed Cuomo favorably and 45 percent said they viewed him unfavorably.