A week before QAnon's March 4 prophesy, here's what conspiracists are saying

These QAnon followers, lifting beliefs from the sovereign citizen movement, now think the U.S. was secretly turned into a corporation in 1871 and all other presidents after Ulysses S. Grant have been illegitimate. They claim Trump will become the 19th president when he is reinstated on March 4.

March 4 was the date of presidential inaugurations until the 20th Amendment was ratified in 1933, moving future ceremonies to January 20 to shorten the lame-duck period. The year 1933 is also when sovereign citizens believe the U.S. went bankrupt after the nation was taken off the gold standard.

The importance of the date for QAnon became apparent last month when it was reported that prices for a room at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. had been hiked to $1,331 for March 4, nearly triple the normal amount.

This week, QAnon supporters reacted with glee after the U.S. Marshals posted a tweet about Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration on March 4, 1861, believing this was a coded reference and a validation of their latest prophecy.