I got vaccinated. I'll keep wearing a mask anyway.

Until then, we’re all still playing a game of chance with the lives of vulnerable loved ones — particularly those whose immune systems are too compromised for them to ever be vaccinated. Even if we’ve gotten both doses, we don’t have definitive evidence that we can’t still spread the virus. And with the new variants spreading, we still might be able to catch the coronavirus ourselves. All of which means we still need to stay masked up and socially distanced.

But beyond the cold numbers, there’s another reason I can’t act as though my duty to prevent the spread ends with getting vaccinated. To go about life like I did before Covid-19 while others don’t have the same freedom would stain every moment of joy with guilt.

Each of us who’s been vaccinated and is capable must use our good fortune to help others — I suggest making a goal of aiding at least three others in getting inoculated. The barriers to reaching herd immunity are tremendous, and we can expedite the process only by paying it forward.