Madonna wants you to know that she's being oppressed

If it weren’t for the patriarchy, and the confusion we all seem to have regarding the simultaneous desire for a mother and a whore all rolled into one, Madonna would never have had a career. Her first major track, “Like a Virgin,” was all about this innocent bad girl who was both naive and pure and just aching for it all at the same time.

If it weren’t for the patriarchy, and our culture’s incredible confusion about what it is that we truly desire, that song would not have been controversial, it would have been just another pop song. But it wasn’t. It spoke to a generation, made deep inroads into the discourse of pop culture, and propelled Madonna to super stardom.

If it weren’t for the patriarchy, Madonna would have no career. She has made her money, her reputation, and gained her fame as a result of using her female assets in a way that made the patriarchy simultaneously gasp and draw closer.

Despite her missive about being oppressed by the patriarchy, the patriarchy gave Madonna a boost. Madonna’s greatest talent is not her voice, but her ability to be a provocateur, and she’s made use of that skill time and time again in her career. So what is she talking about?