The trouble with Biden's answer on China

After President Biden’s CNN Town Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wednesday night right-wing Twitter was in a righteous outrage: the President, it was alleged, had handwaved the horrific persecution of the Uighur Muslims as merely a question of difference in “cultural norms”. Steve Guest, Special Advisor for Communications for Sen. Ted Cruz, was the first to sound the clarion call:

Joe Biden on China’s human rights violations and genocide against the Uighurs: “culturally there are different norms”

Notorious keyboard warrior and veteran conspiracy monger Jack Posobiec chimed in with a string of tweets accusing Biden of recycling Chinese Communist Party “talking points” and “propaganda,” including the claim that Beijing’s brutal policies were intended to unify the country to keep it from being victimized by the West. Others picked up, including Scott Adams, who wrote that the video clip posted by Guest “removes all doubt” that “China owns Biden” and suggested the modest remedy of removal via the 25th Amendment.