Cuomo takes gaslighting to shocking extremes

Somebody needs to tell Gov. Andrew Cuomo that when you are in a hole, it’s time to stop digging. Once again at his Emmy Award-winning press conference on Friday, Cuomo deflected and denied when faced with his mishandling of nursing homes and state data. He continued to blame something he calls a “void” in information. Friday there was even a picture of the void in his PowerPoint presentation. It looked like a black hole in space, and Cuomo looked like a shaken shell of a governor.

It’s almost sad how the mighty have fallen. The only void at work here is one of competent leadership. Cuomo refuses to answer straightforward questions about his own attorney general’s report showing he undercounted deaths. He also refuses to address an admission by his staff that the numbers were hidden on purpose. Cuomo may be living in a sci-fi fantasyland where he did nothing wrong and the Trump administration was out to get him, but increasingly other Democrats aren’t buying it.