Chris Cuomo's own "situational ethics" should be condemned by CNN

What makes the younger Cuomo’s statement on “situational ethics” so curious is that, on multiple occasions, he interviewed his brother, and did not press him on questionable numbers and practices his administration was putting out, but joked with him about the size of his nose and which brother their mom liked best.

The Cuomos did numerous interviews together, each one fluffier than the last. CNN chief Jeff Zucker defended the light-hearted interviews, saying essentially that it was feel-good TV during a trying time in American history. In reality, Andrew Cuomo was allowed to say he was doing TV interviews while never being pressed or challenged, which allowed his administration to hide the real number of deaths occurring in his state.

As for the rest of the journalists and anchors at CNN? Well… here’s a montage of how critical they were of the elder Cuomo.