The GOP must hammer the Democrats on school reopenings

But Republicans are blowing it — big time. A subsection of the GOP has chosen provocative tweets and scrapping with the press as a substitute for policy messaging. This of course is emblematic of the former president who veered wildly and chaotically off any policy message that wasn’t ‘fights’. If the GOP has any hope of moving past the events of January 6, they aren’t going to do it by doubling down. Get back to work and get on message. Stop fighting on behalf of a former president. Start fighting on behalf of parents and kids.

There is an opportunity here and Republicans are missing in action. The Biden administration is backtracking on the promise of fully reopening schools in its first 100 days and redefining what an open ‘school’ is.

It’s evident by now that the national media, at the behest of the administration and the Democrats, plans to focus on Fox News and conspiracy theories and Donald Trump and almost anything other than frustrated parents. Joe Biden has made his decision to stand with teachers’ unions against parents and students. This is an open goal — and the GOP is missing it.