Chris Cuomo skips coverage of Andrew's nursing-home scandal

Before last night, Cuomo has extensively covered the pandemic in general, with heavy criticism of governors in particular. Well, except for that one governor.

You might think to yourself, ‘well gosh, you can’t expect him to condemn his own brother,’ but if you did, you’d be forgetting that it’s too late for Cuomo the younger to recuse, having repeatedly and flatteringly covered his brother’s administration on the pandemic, including interviewing him personally on his show. Famously light-hearted interviews, given the context, and now in retrospect grotesquely inappropriate.

Not to indulge in a butwhatabout, but it would be more than an oversight not to point out that CNN dedicates a significant amount of time and Brian Stelter energy to attacking Fox News over conflicts of interest, partisanship, “revolving doors” and other journalistic lapses. Yet this rather deep valley in their own ethical high ground seems to sit fine with the other anchors and Stelter himself.