Lincoln Project backers consider cutting off donations in wake of misconduct allegations

Donor Jen Pritzker, a member of the wealthy and influential Pritzker family, suggested that she may stop giving money to the group in light of the allegations against Weaver. Pritzker contributed to President Joe Biden’s joint fundraising committee and other Democratic groups.

“I believed in the Lincoln Project’s mission and supported its efforts aimed to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump,” Pritzker told CNBC in a statement. “As a donor, I trusted that my gift would be used to further support the organization’s objectives. Sexual misconduct is something that cannot be tolerated by any organization. Anyone can be a victim and these allegations should be treated with respect for the law, and human rights.”…

When asked by CNBC whether Jeffrey Katzenberg would stop giving to The Lincoln Project, an advisor for the Hollywood power player didn’t rule it out. “Not our focus,” the advisor said in an email. Katzenberg gave $100,000 to the PAC in August, records said. Katzenberg was also a major Biden bundler.