Trump advisers say he hasn't shown remorse for the insurrection

The source said Pence and Trump “discussed everything” that happened on January 6. But at the time, the source said, both men were more focused on just getting to January 20 — Inauguration Day.

“He got his point across at the meeting afterward,” the source said of Pence, noting there were some lingering hard feelings. Trump did not express remorse for putting Pence in a harrowing situation at the meeting, the source added.

“That’s not his style,” the source said…

As for the siege, an adviser said Trump wanted to see a show of force from his supporters that day.

“Trump likes force,” one adviser said. “He saw people forcefully fighting for him,” the adviser added.

That lines up with what a former senior White House official told CNN about Trump’s reaction to the siege. The official said Trump was “loving” watching the mob.