State and local GOPs attack any Republicans who dare turn on Trump

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has told other Republicans that she is not going to mediate the disputes, though she did warn that the censure of Ducey and other Republicans was unhelpful, and she condemned a statement by the Oregon GOP that compared those who voted for impeachment to Benedict Arnold, the American military officer in the Revolutionary War who defected to the British side.

The official stance of the national party, reflected in fundraising and McDaniel’s statements, is that the trial in the Senate is unconstitutional, though the national party has not tried to whip senators to support Trump. State and local party organizations elect their own members and operate with considerable autonomy under the GOP system.

Other Republican leaders have tried to look past the divisions in an effort to foster unity.

“I am already getting calls within the Republican Party at my grass-roots level that we are going to have to start working together,” the top House Republican campaign strategist, Rep. Tom Emmer (Minn.), said Wednesday. “There is some stuff that has to work its way through the system. But I am very confident that we have already started that process and we will be unified.”