The trial is the ultimate test of whether the GOP is truly Trumpist now

The ferocity of Trump’s support is not in doubt. The cruelty and fanaticism of many of his core supporters was clearly demonstrated on January 6th, and it’s been demonstrated on a daily basis in the national conversation since Trump announced his run for president.

But here’s what is in doubt—how widespread and enduring is the hold of a defeated president? After all, tens of millions of Trump voters also voted in years past for very different men—men like George W. Bush, the only Republican in almost four decades to win re-election and win a majority of the popular vote. Are they truly Trumpists now? Or will they ultimately prove that they remain Republicans and are ready to reclaim the party’s identity as the party of Lincoln and Reagan?

There’s only one way to find out. Put the voters’ commitment to the test. In the Senate trial vote, Republican Senators must draw the line in the sand. Vote to convict the president for his open and obvious abuses of power, recapture the GOP from Trump, and find out where the voters’ loyalty truly lies.