Poll: Two-thirds of Americans dissatisfied with vaccine rollout

As the Biden administration begins to grapple with the COVID-19 situation, two-thirds of Americans say they are not satisfied with the way the vaccination process is going in the U.S. This includes 21% who are “very dissatisfied.” At the same time, 34% are satisfied, with 4% of them “very satisfied.”

Meanwhile, 71% of Americans are now willing to be vaccinated, up from 65% in late December and the highest recorded since July, when the measure was first included in Gallup’s probability-based online tracking survey. The current figure includes 62% who say they would be willing to be vaccinated if it were available to them right now at no cost and 9% who say they have already received at least one of the two doses needed to be fully inoculated. Those resistant to receiving the vaccine remain divided in their reasons for not doing so, but concerns about its safety and a general distrust of vaccines are chief among them.