"This fever will break": Republican Jeff Flake on the slow fade of Trumpism

Throughout all of that Flake hoped Trump would leave office one way or another, other Republicans would see the same light he did, and the opposition to the 45th president would grow. Flake calls it a “migration” of Republicans away from their fealty to Trump.

“This migration will start,” Flake said chuckling. “It’s just slow to get going.”…

“I didn’t want to leave the Senate. I wanted to do another term at least,” Flake said. “But the thought of standing on a campaign stage with Donald Trump and laughing at his jokes and staring at my feet while he ridiculed my colleagues – I just could not do it. There’s nothing worth that. But I look and think going off and leaving the party or starting a third party that just doesn’t – we need two strong parties in this country. I think that we’ll be back, I hope that we will. I want to be part of that.”