Liz Cheney is a cancer that could kill the GOP's 2022 hopes

The fact that she was left in a leadership role gives her relevance she shouldn’t have right now. It will also give her a lot more face time with the advocacy media because everything she’s been saying for a month is a regurgitation of the Dem party line. Her position is virtually indistinguishable from that of Nancy Pelosi’s.

To the many Republicans who have been losing faith in the system and the party since November, Cheney could be the thing that makes them abandon the GOP forever. Again, the numbers are on the side of the pro-Trump people. If the idiot upper echelon Beltway Republicans really believe that backsliding into Bushism is what the party needs then they are going to find themselves in a super minority for decades to come, if not permanently.

I don’t think Cheney is an incurable problem yet, but she could be very soon.

The Republicans outside of Washington, D.C., need to make it very clear to those inside that the Cheney/Romney wing that playing organ grinder monkey for the Democrats won’t be tolerated.