Navarro urges Trump to fire "stiff" impeachment lawyer and hire Gaetz

“That lawyer that you just put on, you gotta get rid of those guys. These people don’t understand. This is a political trial,” Navarro said in a Friday interview on Newsmax, and the comment was made after the host played a clip of Trump attorney Bruce Castor discussing the team’s defense plan.

Presenting such an argument is a moot point because 45 Republican senators voted in late January to halt the impeachment trial on the grounds that impeaching a president who had already left office is unconstitutional, the former Trump official added. Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives in January for “incitement of insurrection” after he encouraged his supporters who attended a rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 to march to the Capitol to express their displeasure with Congress’s intent to certify President Biden’s electoral victory. The crowd eventually turned into a deadly riot.

Noting that, he said, “So, why not provide an affirmative defense? Now, the way to do that is you get somebody like Matt Gaetz as your lead attorney instead of that stiff you had on and then you use the Navarro report and other reports that have been put out, which have been excellent, as your exhibits A, B, C, and D.”