MyPillow CEO calls COVID vaccine the "mark of the beast"

“Well, I think we are going down a communist path; socialism is coming in here, everyone can look at what happened in Nazi Germany,” Lindell said. “It’s happening so fast; when I see and experiencing [sic] the cancellation of people, canceling out people’s jobs, they don’t exist.”

“Now it’s this ‘One World Order,’ this stuff is in Revelations, you know that’s what I was talking about, and you combine that with this vaccine, that’s ‘mark of the beast’ stuff,” he added. “I mean, this is horrible, keeping us indoors.”

The vaccine comparison comes on the heels of Lindell Thursday night saying the “end times” are near if his Absolute Proof documentary failed to catch on, which ended up flopping and being compared to an “unhinged house party.”