Michigan Republican defends impeachment vote to upset voters

Nancy Eardley accused Meijer, the only first-term legislator to back impeachment on Jan. 13, of betraying the district within two weeks of taking office.

“I don’t know that there’s really much you can say that will ever change my mind and not work toward primarying you out after two years,” she said, claiming no court looked at evidence of election fraud.

There was not widespread fraud, as was confirmed by a range of voting officials and by former Attorney General William Barr, a Trump appointee.

Meijer said Trump told “two fundamental lies” after losing to Democrat Joe Biden — falsely stating that the election had been stolen and that Jan. 6, the day Congress counted electoral votes, was a chance to “stop the steal.” Trump, who had exhorted his supporters to “fight like hell” shortly before they swarmed the Capitol, took close to 2 1/2 hours to issue a video urging them to go home despite the riot having turned deadly, Meijer said.