Keep paying attention to Marjorie Taylor Greene

By now, everyone knows that Greene is a dangerous operator who is so morally defective she sees nothing wrong with harassing the survivor of a school shooting to drive up likes on YouTube. But McCarthy, as well as the rest of GOP leadership, were aware of Greene’s disgusting political background during her primary last year.

Even now, most of the GOP isn’t willing to go record saying she’s not fit to serve.

Indeed, some Republicans, like Rubio, Haley, and McCarthy, are worried about crossing Greene and the wild coalition she’s building. That’s the real reason they argue she isn’t newsworthy—not because they really believe she isn’t, but because the news coverage of her troubling antics and beliefs puts them in a position of endorsing the madness or running afoul of that base.

She makes them look bad. That’s why they don’t want anyone to talk about her.