Proud Boys dealt another blow as feds crack down

On Monday, former Proud Boys lawyer Jason Lee Van Dyke, who holds the “Proud Boys” trademark, released a letter revoking Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio’s right to use the name. Van Dyke’s reasons for revoking the trademark rights included what he sees as the Proud Boys’ association with Nazi groups, as well as Proud Boys burning a church’s Black Lives Matter banner in a December march in Washington, D.C…

Tarrio didn’t respond to a request for comment. The Proud Boys chairman is dealing with more pressing legal troubles, after being arrested in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 4 over the burning of the Black Lives Matter flag. Tarrio also faces felony charges in Washington for alleged possession of two gun magazines with Proud Boys branding.

Last week, Reuters reported that Tarrio worked as a “prolific” informant for law enforcement in cases unrelated to the Proud Boys, a revelation that has angered Proud Boys members and affiliated groups.

Tarrio isn’t the only Proud Boy facing criminal prosecution. Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs has been arrested for his alleged role in the riot, and several other Proud Boys have been charged over their own alleged roles in the attack on the Capitol.